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Quickit – Figma UI Kit for AI Interfaces and Dashboards

Nikolay K.
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Every two weeks a new page with its widgets will be added!

Quickit AI is a UI Kit used to produce effective dashboards or AI interfaces. This kit contains constrained & organized components and variants with variety of interfaces ideas, so it can aid in saving time during the design phase!

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Buy Quickit Web Kit (for landing pages) and get this UI Kit for free! Just email me at

✅ (Release) 27 May 2023 -- Done!

What's inside?

  • 6 pages (sign in, sign up, dashboard, AI chat, profile, subscription page)
  • Available in Figma file
  • Design System, Components and Variants!

Plan of future updates

  • (done on 4th June!) 10-15 June 2023 new profile page + widgets
  • (done on 26th June!) 1-5 July 2023 new sign up page + widgets
  • (done on 6th August!) 10-15 July 2023 new subscription page + widgets
  • 1-5 August 2023 news page + widgets
  • And more new pages in 2023!


  • Helps to design responsive interfaces in Figma
  • 23+ constrained components & well-crafted UI widgets
  • supporting variants for every component
  • Powered by free Urbanist font
  • Equipped with adjustable global text & color styles
  • Organized and labeled for a faster workflow

Designers, skip creating from scratch those boring UI items along with a project. Use Quickit UI Kit to concentrate on the prototyping, not on pixel routine

Developers, our UI Kit allow you to learn or enhance prototyping skills. Jump into the design process, where you only need to drag and fit a fine component

Managers & Owners, our every design system is ready to be published for team purposes and provides an opportunity to quick start massive prototyping immediately

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Quickit – Figma UI Kit for AI Interfaces and Dashboards

4 ratings
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